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Elizabeth Cook, PhD, ABPP

Elizabeth Cook, PhD, is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology. Dr. Cook performs neuropsychological assessments for individuals with neurologic compromise. Her practice also includes assessment and recommendations for adult ADHD and dementia. Dr. Cook treats patient and families who are dealing with disability. Disabilities include Somatoform Disorders, Mild to Severe Brain Injury and Parkinson’s disease. Treatment involves adjustment and the acquisition of techniques to manage the effects of the injury or disorder.

Dr. Cook has worked in the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology since 2000. She has been licensed since 1982 and became a Diplomate in Rehabilitation Psychology in 2003. She received her PhD from Kent State University, her MA from Clarion University and her BA from Temple University. Dr. Cook has extensive experience in the field of Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation experience includes Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital (Warren, Ohio), St. John’s Medical Center (Tulsa, Oklahoma), The Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University and consultation to local physicians and treatment facilities.

Publication topics include dementia, locus of control, adolescence and denial of disability.

Referrals to Dr. Cook can be made by calling (614) 293-3830.